Seco Seat Cover Announces Exciting Contingency Program for Triple Crown Series

on January 23, 2024


Seco Seat Cover Announces Exciting Contingency Program for Triple Crown Series

[Drummondville, Jan. 23] - Seco Seat Cover is thrilled to unveil its latest initiative - a new contingency program designed to reward riders participating in the highly anticipated Triple Crown Series. The program is set to elevate the excitement and competition in the 450cc Pro Class, 250cc Pro Class, and Women Pro Class, offering eligible participants a chance to earn $250 for achieving a Holeshot.

Seco Seat Cover understands the dedication and skill required to dominate the track, and as a gesture of appreciation to riders who choose their seat covers, the company is introducing this contingency program. Every rider competing in the specified classes with a Seco Seat Cover is automatically eligible to receive a $250 cash reward upon securing a Holeshot during the Triple Crown Series events.

The Holeshot contingency program is a testament to Seco Seat Cover's commitment to supporting the motocross community and recognizing the talent within the sport. Seco Seat Cover believes in empowering riders with equipment that enhances performance, and this program is a reflection of their dedication to fostering a competitive and rewarding environment.



Seco Seat Cover encourages all riders gearing up for the Triple Crown Series to equip their bikes with Seco seat covers for a chance to not only enhance their riding experience but also to qualify for the Holeshot contingency rewards.

To be part of this thrilling opportunity, riders can visit for more information on Seco Seat Cover products and how to register for the contingency program.

About Seco Seat Cover: Seco Seat Cover is a leading provider of high-quality seat covers for motocross, snowmobile and Atv . With a focus on durability and performance, Seco Seat Cover is committed to delivering top-notch products that elevate the riding experience. For more information, visit